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frequently asked questions

What is the average cost of a remodel?

The short answer is it varies by project, location and complexity of design. We have articles that you can access on our blog to give you a better understanding of costs.

How do I begin planning for a remodel?

You are in the right place to start! Check out our blog for more information and download our free guide here.

How do I hire a contractor?

Hiring a reputable contractor is one of the more difficult aspects of remodeling. Do your research and download our guide for more information. They will be a partner in your project for many months, in your home and in constant contact with you (or they should). Skills are very important, but even more important is their integrity and ability to communicate clearly and effectively. If they can’t do that in the beginning – let that be your red flag. Highly professional contractors cost more and that is the best investment you will make in your project. 

Is this a sample question?

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